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Expert Catalysts

One of the foundations of the Synecticsworld Body of Knowledge is the importance of diversity when trying to achieve true breakthrough thinking. We achieve diversity internally by creating cross functional teams. We also believe that the diversity of thinking brought by people outside the organization is invaluable. We have developed a network of great thinkers and connection makers and we tap into that network to get the right mix for a client engagement.

Design DNA

If you are looking to launch a new brand or reposition an existing brand, do it with focus and strength with Synecticsworld’s insight-led design process. Design DNA is a model to frame the design experience and an innovation process to focus a design project.

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IPower6 Insight

Insights are Hidden Truths. We define it as discovering a penetrating discovery about consumer motivation, applied to unlock growth. Synecticsworld has developed a powerful and proprietary methodology to help our clients discover hidden, unexpressed customer and consumer needs, creating breakthrough marketing innovation, with the processes and systems to get it to market.

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Business Process Innovation

How do I meet my customers’ needs most efficiently and effectively? This question lies at the heart of Synecticsworld’s Business Process Innovation (BPI) approach. We help our clients to identify the twin North Stars they should use in any efficiency program – what is your company’s true purpose and what do your customers truly pay you for?

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Foresight is discovering and creating the longer term future needs and wants of the marketplace Foresight is both discovering (what will be there) and creating (implying that we have the ability to inspire it, but not control it).

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Synecticsworld’s strategy approach is based upon a simple idea – a strategy is only perfect if it helps your team to achieve its vision. We find that the most important factor in achieving greatness as an organization, is having a clear, shared image of where you want to be in the future.

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Invention Labs and Workshops

Having a creative idea is one thing, actually bringing it in to the world is more difficult (for example, many people would find the ideas of “teleportation” attractive, but nobody has made it work practically yet). This is why “brainstorming sessions” often produce a lot of excitement on the day and very little follow up.

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A systemic innovation model developed by Synecticsworld research and successfully used by a broad range of companies worldwide, ENABLE stands for Envision, Notify, Assess, Build, Learn and Enact. The outcome of an ENABLE campaign is a systemically creative and innovative organization with high energy and equally high accountability.

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Claim Staking

CLAIMS is a dynamic process that produces breakthrough language that you can use to differentiate your products at your customer’s point of decision.   It consists of six  steps:   Create, Level Set,  Activate,  Immerse, Meaning,  Speak,  which constitute a flexible framework for inventing new, and revitalizing existing, product claims and packaging language.

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Flyingtable® is our instant-on, anytime collaboration software that will help your team to creatively solve problems, capitalize on new opportunities, exchange information and make decisions no matter when and where you need to act.

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