It is very common for consulting companies to tell you about the impact they have had on their client’s bottom line.  New products and new services that have added millions or billions of dollars to their client’s profits.  They have developed new strategies or new technologies that have unlocked the potential of a client’s business.  Synecticsworld has achieved that type of success for clients and we invite you to review our client case studies to see specific examples of our project work.

We have become increasingly proud of the long term impact we have had on individuals.  We frequently hear time from people who tell us that after 20, 30 or 40 years, they look back on their Synectics experience as transformational in their career and that they still employ many of the techniques, methods and learnings that they got from the Synectics Body of Knowledge – both professionally and personally.

We recently heard from Daniel Windholz and we will let him tell his story.

“It’s been over 40 years since I was “indoctrinated” by George, Marvin, and a few other group leaders at the time on Synectics creative problem solving concepts, tools, and techniques, of which I carry and employ them to this date. 

In my Corporate days at the SNC Group (today SNC-Lavalin) I used them extensively in my Corporate Planning function, with our top management, as well as with the “Think Tank” I set with the young and upcoming low and middle management of the Group, in search of new market opportunities, new business developments, and new organizational ideas for the running of the Group and its subsidiaries.

Later on, with my consulting hat, I was able to apply the Synectics concepts and some of its tools and techniques in the development and implementation of unorthodox projects (e.g. Alligator Waste Control in the Pantanal, Eco Charcoal in the Amazon, Wheat Production in the Northeast of Brazil, Mini-hydro Power in Costa Rica), and in helping my Canadian, Brazilian, and international clients in establishing off-the-box business development opportunities.

Currently, I’m applying some of the concepts and techniques to the “Think Tank” group encounters I’m leading with CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Start-up firms in the pursuit of new ideas and opportunities for their companies. And even on my personal life, Synectics has helped me in creative problem solving through the various stages of my individual endeavors.”

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