Design DNA

If you are looking to launch a new brand or reposition an existing brand, do it with focus and strength with Synecticsworld’s insight-led design process.

Design DNA is a model to frame the design experience and an innovation process to focus a design project.

From our client’s point of view, there is often a barrier in insight-led design projects, when design concepts are taken into the materialization processes.

The key is to maintain the level of involvement of the team and keep the underlying insights that led to the concept idea. Ideally, there would be a more natural flow from the insight-led design process through to materialization and development, via a process that not only encapsulates and protects your insight, but also translates it into a design or copy writing brief.

Such a brief will save time and energy as it allows for focused interpretation and materialization.

Insights show us hidden customer needs! Now imagine having a way to create design that awakens those needs and ensures the right message is communicated.

Our Synecticsworld Design DNA process can ‘embed’ design details in such a way that the viewers – the targeted consumers- are triggered the way we want them to be. To achieve this, we use our thorough structure and semantic encoding techniques, called Design DNA, which allow us to chart how the targeted consumers view the world around them and use the correct (visual) language to transmit the message.

Design DNA ensures that any external event will be experienced on one to three levels: Instinct, Intelligence and Interaction -depending on the amount of synthesizing/abstraction it requires to be processed in a human brain.

The Design DNA process will help chart the semantic map to help express the values correctly in the end design, always holding true to the core project insights.