0b778568-2e41-4cfa-b92d-30e17e04c73cThe Power of Strategy Innovation

A New Way of Linking Creativity and Strategic Planning to Discover Great Business Opportunities
Strategic planning sounds business-as-usual, while innovation conjures up images of corporate vision and risk-taking. The truth is, the two must be brought together for companies to excel in dynamic markets. The Power of Strategy Innovation presents a five-phase Discovery Process for staging, aligning, exploring, creating, and mapping the paths between analytical, numbers-oriented, day-to-day planning and market-centric, discovery-driven innovation that focuses on the future.  This edition updated in 2013 to include a new Preface and Epilogue, describing the emergence of Enterprise Innovation. Available on Amazon.

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The Development of Creative Capacity

Along with George Prince’s “ The Practice of Creativity”, this book is the foundation of the Synectics body of knowledge which has been used for over fifty years .This book is the result of years of experimentation in training creative capacity. With an emphasis on case studies, this book identifies not only the psychological processes involved in creativity but also explores the mechanisms by which creative potential can be methodically released and directed at the solution of specific problems. Synectics theory holds that creative efficiency in people can be markedly increased if they understand the psychological process by which they operate , and that in the creative process the emotional component is more important than the intellectual, the irrational more important than the rational.

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Imagine That!

The Imagine That book is a collection of thought pieces, stories and articles by current and former staff members, clients and other associates that guides readers through 50 years of Synectics, its Body of Knowledge and its impact on clients, organizations, communities and individuals. It was edited by Connie Williams, General Managing Partner and Chief Knowledge Officer of Synecticsworld and the late Vincent Nolan, former Chairman of Synectics Europe and author of many other books, including The Innovator’s Handbook (Sphere Books, 1989).


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The Practice of Creativity

Along with Bill Gordon’s book “Synectics”, this book is the foundation of the Synectics body of knowledge. This book provides the reader detailed instruction on how to use the Synectics method. It explores the process of facing and understanding problems, eliminating inadequate ideas, and unifying the entire group to concentrate its collective intelligence and imagination on fresh solutions. Available on Amazon.

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The Innovator’s Handbook

This is the omnibus edition of the three books in the author’s Innovative Management Skills series. It gives the reader an insight into management from the point of view of teams working together, communicating, solving problems and presenting a different approach to their solution based on the principle of Synectics. Available on Amazon

By: Vincent Nolan


Synectics Innovation Consulting

Creativity, Inc.

Building an Inventive Organization

“Creativity, Inc.” explores an issue that has become critical in times of economic, business, social and political upheaval: how companies can nurture big and small ideas in people from all levels – ideas that collectively can make dramatic improvements in operating and financial performance.

Synecticsworld consultants Jeff Mauzy and Richard Harriman marshal 40-plus years of research and consulting work with many of the world’s most innovative companies. Drawing on new and rich case examples from such organizations as 3M, Citigroup, Hallmark Cards, Hewlett Packard and Guidant, they explain the genesis of creative ideas and their often-arduous path to prosperity. They show why the well of creativity runs dry in many organizations, despite the presence of numerous “creative” people, sizable rewards to spawn ideas, and even regularly scheduled “brainstorming” sessions.  Available on Amazon

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Imagine is a gift to you in loving memory of our founder George M. Prince, who fired the imaginations of the thousands whom he recruited into Synecticsworld and into his life. A pioneer and a towering figure in the world of creative and innovative problem solving, George’s light shines brightly still through the pages of this small book. We hope you will treasure your copy of Imagine and take its messages to heart. It would please George to know that his dream to “…change the way people relate…” lives on.

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I is an Other

James Geary takes readers from Aristotle’s investigation of metaphor right up to the latest neuroscientific insights into how metaphor works in the brain. Along the way, he demonstrates how metaphor affects financial decision making, how metaphor lurks behind effective advertisements, how metaphor inspires learning and discovery, and how metaphor can be used as a tool to achieve emotional insight and psychological change.  Buy “I is an Other” is on Amazon.

In his chapter “Metaphor and Innovation – Make it strange”  Geary outlines the work of George M Prince, Bill Gordon, and Connie Williams in the importance and use of metaphor in the Synectics Process of Innovation Download Chapter. 

Synectics Innovation Consulting

Big Ideas

Putting the Zest into Creativity and Innovation at Work

Innovation, creativity and change are the lifeblood of business. But unlocking the innovative ability of an organization can be a difficult process.

This practical books by Synecticsworld consultant Jonne Ceserani highlights pathways to creativity and shows how to establish conditions that lead to innovation and success. This highly practical book includes checklists, case studies and a questionnaire to establish the “innovation quotient” of an organization.

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