Just a few of the people talking about their Synecticsworld experience


Robert Mandel, CEO at Health Dialog

“It’s not about Synectics innovating for you. It’s about Synectics bringing out the knowledge you have, and your customers and experts have, and synthesizing that into a view of what might be possible.”


Kirsten Simonitsch, SVP of CIO at Premera Blue Cross

“With the help of Synecticsworld, we’ve found a new way of working together as we continue to spark creative thinking across our organization. It has helped us strike a balance between Operational Excellence and Innovation, a challenge that most organizations struggle with, today. We’ve used Synecticsworld in many different ways…Each time we’ve been inspired by the powerful results we can achieve by harnessing our collective, creative thinking.”


Aurizon (formerly QR National)

“I was doubtful that any group could come up with any approach that hadn’t been thought of over the last 20 years across the world.”

“When you start thinking it and doing it, you’ll know that it’s got you hooked for life.”


 Steven Matis, Colgate

“Over the years, I have found using the Synectics approach to creative problem solving to be invaluable. Most think of Synectics as “brainstorming” or “idea generation.” While it is an excellent vehicle for that purpose, that’s a very limited application of the principles. The Synectics principles are a way for teams of people to work together. They allow people to not only become more creative, but also to better communicate, give and receive feedback, and ensure a free flow of ideas.

I believe the breakthrough to maximizing the use of Synectics principles is recognizing how to use them flexibly across a variety of issues, situations, and problems. But the application, which has borne the most fruit, in my experience, has been using the techniques and process for strategic planning, particularly in defining vision, mission, critical success factors, and the plans and actions to achieve the goals.”


Newmont Mining Corporation

“I wish I had gone through the process a couple of decades ago.”


Leonora Williamson, Board Member at the Creative Discovery Museum

“The Synecticsworld team allowed our organization to develop a truly transformative strategic plan. As a board member and Strategic Planning Committee co-chair at a children’s museum, I was focused on finding a consultant who would drive innovation, relate to all our stakeholders and help us achieve clear, actionable results. As a former consultant and business person, I set high standards for the project despite a limited budget. The Synecticsworld team delivered over and above our expectations. They guided us through a process that was highly creative and at times uncomfortable, since we were so far from the usual business realm of dry Powerpoint slides and work sessions. By using some very innovative and original facilitation techniques, they drew out fantastically creative and wild ideas from board and staff members alike.”


 Anne Bannister, General Manager of Lighting at Energizer

“Over the past several years, I was fortunate to work with the team at Synecticsworld, and it was life changing. They were part of a project to help us get past data and into true insight about how consumers felt about our topic. In the process we not only gained the valuable insight we needed but we also created unique growth platforms that enabled us to see and explore significantly incremental growth paths for our businesses. The Synecticsworld methodology is unique to any that I have experienced in my entire career in marketing and business overall. Experiencing their approach and being able to interact with the stellar team from their organization opened by mind past new business opportunities and gave me insight into my own perspectives on how I both tackle my work and live my life. I would highly recommend Synecticsworld to anyone who is interested in really getting into the hearts of their audience, in finding new ways to understand and explore their business possibilities and in completely refreshing the way they undertake innovation.”


Mario Leone, Former CIO at Ingram Mirco

“Three decades later, my early investment in Synectics development training continues to demonstrate a healthy ROI! Unshackled from linear and closed minded thinking, open to ideas that at first appear asymmetric, the facilitation skills learned at Synectics have been a springboard for me to take great advantage of a global and a richly diverse team within a multinational firm.  Thanks for expanding and enriching my leadership potential.”


Mikael Backman, President and CEO at Viking Line

“The principle of Synectics and the innovation concept they provide is a “can’t go wrong” product that can give every corporation a much-needed vitamin boost whenever they need help to change speed or direction.”


Melissa Aiello, President at Junior AchievementPrint

“From the beginning, during the initial teleconference, it was apparent that we were going to benefit from the outcome and the process.  As for outcomes, we concluded the session with two very viable solutions, each with our next steps and accountabilities outlined for execution. What was enjoyable and truly valuable was how well you managed the process of “get fired” and “out there” thinking that led to creative and then feasible ideas from which to move forward. In speaking to all participants after the session, the group felt that the time was well spent, that it strengthened the team, and that it was a very effective session that brought out our best ideas and prepared us to put them into action.”



Philip Wahl, Director of Global Strategic Partnerships at Georgia-Pacific Professional Food Services Solutions 

“Synecticsworld helped my team build a dynamic vision of what was possible for our newly formed Food Service National Account business.  All participants were thoroughly engaged in a process that was stimulating and thought provoking.  The facilitation techniques employed drew out the team’s best creative thinking to achieve alignment and commitment to a common business mission.  Further work included exploration of consumer and operator insights, which ultimately lead to an inventory of viable new product opportunities, some of which were fully commercialized and are still being used in the marketplace today.”


Consumer Insights Director at Burger King

“When you do this, it makes the rest of marketing easy.”


Unilever Insight and Innovation Training

“Scientists are often great cynics, pouring cold water onto new ideas. Using these techniques has transformed what were often ineffective and frustrating team meetings into really productive sessions.”


Ken Martin, Senior Manager of Innovation at J.M. Smucker Company

“Attending a week-long Synectics training session was one of the most engaging and transformative creativity courses I’ve ever attended.”


Thomas Plummer, VP Customer Relationship Management at HSN

“I had the privilege of participating in Synecticsworld’s Innovative Team Workshop, where I learned how to utilize the Synectics process to develop rapid, actionable innovations within large organizations. I came away from the training feeling motivated, empowered, and that I had learned a valuable skill that I could put into practice immediately.”


David M. Moret Vice President of Product Development & Engineering at Levolor-Kirsch

“I have been doing new product development for over 25 years, and I can say that I have learned and seen demonstrated more practical value with Synectics than I have with any other innovation group I have dealt with. These techniques really have depth.”