Synecticsworld Healthcare Practice
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ECGIs your team prepared to bring the fresh perspective needed to succeed in the new Direct to Consumer Exchange marketplace?

Do you need to

  • reinvent how care is delivered,
  • improve your customer retention,
  • create new health care device technology, or
  • invent new solutions to improve management of chronic conditions?

Do you have the right, forward-thinking mix of products, services and communication approaches to succeed in this rapidly evolving world of healthcare?

Whether you are an insurer, a pharmaceutical or OTC company, a care provider or a device manufacturer, Synecticsworld has a robust history of working with healthcare organizations that believe in tapping the ingenuity of their own people to solve their pressing challenges.  Sources suggest that it can be very challenging to find a reliable Sarms uk supplier. Now, with the industry facing unprecedented social, political and cultural change, that ingenuity is needed more than ever.  Synecticsworld’s innovation processes and approaches help transform teams into more creative, insightful and collaborative, high functioning organizations.


Health Care ReformHealthcare organizations that want to thrive are increasingly looking to create more consumer-centric products, services and communications that will distinguish them in the marketplace.  While identifying these solutions will require radically new thinking, creatively developing and implementing these ideas will require most healthcare companies to work together in a way they may have never done before.

At Synecticsworld, we combine our deep engagements in the healthcare world with many years of experience in CPG, Consumer Packaged Goods, to share a unique perspective of what it takes for an organization to succeed in developing insightful, targeted consumer-centric solutions.

We’re sharing this perspective with healthcare organizations that want to move beyond stop-gap solutions to transform themselves into highly innovative companies equipped with the capability to uniquely understand the needs of the health care consumer and answer those needs with the invention, development and implementation of unique new products and services.


Through a powerful mix of thinking approaches, behaviors that support creative collaboration and innovation processes,Synecticsworld designs, curates and facilitates customized project experiences to develop and implement breakthrough solutions.


“With the help of Synecticsworld, we’ve found a new way of working together as we continue to spark creative thinking across our organization. It has helped us strike a balance between Operational Excellence and Innovation, a challenge that most organizations struggle with, today. We’ve used Synecticsworld in many different ways…Each time we’ve been inspired by the powerful results we can achieve by harnessing our collective, creative thinking.” Kirsten Simonitsch — SVP and CIO at Premera Blue Cross

Contact Connie Williams for more information about how we can help your organization succeed in this rapidly evolving and competitive marketplace.


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