Synectics’ Learning and Development Programs

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We believe everyone has  the capacity to be creative, this is one of the core beliefs of Synectics.  Like any other talent, skill or capability, some people are able to naturally tap into their innate talent and others need to learn how to access and use their capabilities.  Synecticsworld has developed a curriculum of learning and development programs that provides one way for people to learn these skills and tap these capabilities.

We offer a range of programs, from basic introductory programs to advanced programs in consumer insights or innovation culture.  The programs provide the opportunity for your team or organization to have a common process, and language that they can draw upon when dealing with issues related to creativity, innovation, or even day to day to day operations. The programs introduce a climate into your organization where collaboration and support become the norm for all interactions.

We have learning and development programs that are designed for individuals on an open registration basis so that you can train a few key members of your team in a specific skill – perhaps becoming a certified facilitator capable of running your internal and external meetings in a way to maximize the productivity of your meetings, achieving the goals of your agenda and, if needed, facilitating a process that will lead to breakthrough ideas and solutions.

We have programs designed for teams, enabling everyone to learn the same key skills and contribute to the success of a key strategy or other objective.  One example, is our Seeing with New Eyes workshop.  In this program, your team will learn skills for better communicating with your clients and customers in a way that will allow you to develop insights, even of their unstated wants and needs, providing you with a superior competitive advantage.

Open registration programs are typically held once or twice per year, at different locations around the country.  Programs specific for your team will be held at the location of your choosing – close to your office, at an team offsite location, wherever makes sense for you.  Programs are typically between 1-3 days and details for the programs can be found by clicking on the links below. If there isn’t a link, please contact us at and we will answer any questions you might have.

One last word.  Sometimes people ask us what we can do for them for a couple of hours they have available during an upcoming team meeting where they want to cover some aspect of innovation as a learning and development exercise.  We can design specific Micro Courses to suit the time that you have available and the areas that you want to focus on.  We can draw upon a Body of Knowledge developed over the past 60 years and provide an impactful learning experience for your team.  To discuss a Micro Course offering, please contact

Here is the current curriculum of courses offered by Synecticsworld:

Leading Innovation

• Leading Creativity & Innovation Masterclass

• “Innovator Inside” Coaching for CxOs

• Action & Accountability with Deliberate Synergy

Innovative Culture & Capability Design

• Innovation Vision & Capability Assessment

• Org Support to Sustain an Innovative Climate

Team Ingenuity & Collaboration

• Innovative TeamWorkshop™ (Introductory)

Innovative Business Problem-Solving –  for Business Relationship Managers (BRMs) and Business Partners (BPs)

Deliberate Synergy™ for Action & Accountability

• Ideas into Action with Deliberate Synergy™

Meeting Management

• Effective Meetings

Consumer Insight Creativity

Seeing with New Eyes™ – Insight Workshop 

• Facilitating Consumer Creativity 

• Foresight and Scenario Planning

Individual Creativity

• Personal Creativity

• Breakthrough Thinking (Introductory)

Facilitator Training & Certifications

Facilitating Group Creativity 

• Facilitative Consulting

• Synectics Creative Problem-Solving Facilitator Cert

• Synectics Immersion & Insight Facilitator Cert

• Synectics Incubation Facilitator Cert

• Synectics iPower6 Facilitator Certification

Custom Designed Training, Micro Courses, Advanced Certifications, and Coaching 

“I have been doing new product development for over 25 years, and I can say that I have learned and seen demonstrated more practical value with Synectics than I have with any other innovation group I have dealt with. These techniques really have depth.”

David M. Moret Vice President of Product Development & Engineering at Levolor Kirsch