Invention Labs & Workshops

Steve Jobs said that “Innovation was creativity that ships.” Having a creative idea is one thing, butbuy synectics actually bringing it to market is more difficult. This is why traditional “brainstorming sessions” often produce a lot of excitement on the day and very lttle follow up. Developing the idea and overcoming the roadblocks to implementation is often what stretches the skills, talents and capabilities of organizations far more then generating new ideas.

The Synectics® Invention Lab is based on years of observation and research into how high performing teams and individuals generate fresh thinking. Synecticsworld has developed techniques that tap into the power of the innate creativity of your team, while creating the climate for breakthrough thinking. Recent studies have shown that people are much more committed to the success of ideas they played a role in developing.

Crucially, we work with our clients to turn their most intriguing ideas into implementable concepts, putting foundations under the creative thinking in a way that allows groups to collaboratively overcome concerns and reach an action plan for implementation that everyone is committed to.

If you need truly breakthrough ideas to change the course of your business and you need to implement the best of those ideas, Synecticsworld can provide you with a custom designed framework for your company.  If you would like more specifics on how we can help, please contact:



Synectics Invention Model