Foresight is discovering and creating the longer term future needs and wants of the marketplace Foresight is both discovering (what will be there) and creating (implying that we have the ability to inspire it, but not control it). While Insight provides us the opportunity to work with current consumer motivators to deliver immediate impact in the marketplace, Foresight requires an exploration of future scenarios in the marketplace that will or may have a profound impact on consumer or customer behaviors and, therefore, will change the needs they have for products, raw materials, services, etc., their packaging, delivery /distribution methods, etc.

Foresight goes beyond insights to discover where profound future opportunities may lie and is much a creative process as an analytical process. To achieve foresight, we custom design explorations of regional and global long term trends, incorporate powerful individual, expert and provocateur stimulus, and force-fit disparate emerging cultural, ethno, political, technological and social movements. Foresight is a way of informing long term Strategy, Research & Development investment and prioritization, support of pure academic research, and acquisition/ investment strategies.