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Open Enrollment Course

Brain Gears

Date:November 4-8

Location: Boston, MA


Dynamics of Innovation and Teamwork 
Via video examination and skilled coaching, unwrap the group dynamics that unleash the multiplicative power of a diverse group to build breakthrough innovative solutions.

 Idea Generation
Breakdown creative obstacles and access your creative self that generates novel and intriguing ideas for solving difficult problems.  Gain the power of the Synectics process of ‘wishing’ and  ‘excursions’ to generate fresh, new ideas.

Solution Development
Discover the Synectics process for systematically building in feasibility into “not yet practical”, intriguing, truly new ideas, and building actionable concepts and solutions.

Problem-Solving Experience
Practice the Synectics time-tested 9-step process for innovative problem solving a methodology used in Fortune 100 companies around the world.

Back-Home Applications
Synectics is about interacting with other people in the most constructive ways.  As George M. Prince, our founder said, life is a series of meetings.  You will walk away with specific plans for applying what you’ve learned to realize immediate results in your world.



 Maximize your facilitating style
Maximize the potential of your facilitation style under the guidance of an expert Synectics coach.

Build Successful Meetings
Win commitment from others and build in success to meeting with Synectics design and planning tools.

 Stimulate Idea Generation
Learn a range of techniques for maximizing a group’s creative ability to generate new thinking and fresh perspectives. Model and support the positive climate for collaboration

Unleash the Capacity of a Diverse Group
Facilitate open-mindedness to new thinking and leverage diverse experiences, opinions and beliefs. Harness and direct conflicting viewpoints toward the problem at hand and engender buy-in from people with different viewpoints and needs.

Run Results-Oriented Meetings
Plan and run a real client session using the Synectics 9-step process to develop a solution for their task.







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Mario Leone, Former CIO at Ingram Mirco

“Three decades later, my early investment in Synectics development training continues to demonstrate a healthy ROI! Unshackled from linear and closed minded thinking, open to ideas that at first appear asymmetric, the facilitation skills learned at Synectics have been a springboard for me to take great advantage of a global and a richly diverse team within a multinational firm. Thanks for expanding and enriching my leadership potential.”

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