Innovative TeamWorkshop™ (ITW)

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Innovative TeamWorkshop™

Is the highly interactive Innovation Training program is Step 1 in becoming Certified in the Synectics Innovation Process and has three major themes:

  1. Personal interactions, and how they affect the process of innovation and teamwork;
  2. Open-mindedness, and how it affects how we listen, make creative connections and respond to ideas;
  3. Meeting structure and roles, and how they can be best organized to accomplish tasks requiring innovative solutions.

During the course of this 2-day course, participants will learn and apply the Synectics Creative Problem Solving Process.


Download Course Information here.

This course is available throughout the year for dedicated client delivery and, occasionally, on an open-course basis.

An open course edition of the ITW is called Innovative Business Problem Solving (IBPS) and is offered as part of our program for Elevating the Strategic Impact of Business Partners (BPs) & Business Relationship Managers (BRMs).  Click the preceding link to learn more, view upcoming dates, and register.

We can custom-design all of our Creativity Programs, Innovation Training, and Leadership courses for your company for delivery in person or virtually online.

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