Facilitating Group Creativity (FGC)

Innovation Training, Synectics Innovation Process

This highly interactive innovation training course is Step 2 in becoming trained in the Synectics Innovation Process.  The course will enable you to lead and facilitate meetings in your organization. Over the course of this 3-day workshop you will learn how to:

  • Manage the Group Dynamics of a Meeting
  • Receive expert coaching to maximize your personal facilitation style.
  • Plan and run successful results-oriented meetings harnessing the multiplicative power of a collaborating team.
  • Designing Synectics meetings that win commitment from others and ensure successful outcomes
  • Stimulate innovative ideas generation, enhance multiplicative ideas building, and innovative solution creation.
  • Employ techniques that maximize a group’s creative ability to generate new thinking and fresh perspectives.
  • Model and support positive human dynamics to build a powerful climate for collaboration.
  • Understand the Dynamics of Collaboration
  • Facilitate open-minded, new team thinking to leverage diverse experiences, opinions, and beliefs.
  • Turn conflict into new idea avenues for exploration to engender buy-in from people with different viewpoints and needs.

Synectics is a transformational approach to innovative work and personal interaction – on the final day, you will employ the Synecticsworld 9-step innovation process with a real client to unleash the creative ingenuity of their team.

SIGN-UP FOR THE NEXT OPEN COURSE (Note: Taking either Innovative TeamWorkshop (ITW) or Innovative Business Problem Solving (IBPS) is a pre-requisite to taking this course.)

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This course is available throughout the year for dedicated client delivery and, occasionally, on an open-course basis.

Upcoming dates:

FGC:  Nov or Dec,  2023 (3 Days In-Person Live in Seattle, WA)

We can custom-design all of our Creativity Programs, Innovation Training, and Leadership courses for your company for delivery in person or virtually online.

Please contact us at info@synecticsworld.com for additional dates or to explore more.


Course fee:

$2,950 per registrant