How do we take an 18-month process and make it happen in three weeks?

That was the challenge facing Nestlé when it recognized an opportunity to adapt two existing confectionery products–Koffee Krisp and Lion Bar–to the US market. Nestlé knew that the two products stood an excellent chance of being successful, even in an arena already saturated with competing products. The question Nestlé asked itself was: which company was capable of achieving the Herculean task within the nearly impossible task time frame?

The answer was Synecticsworld.


Beginning on Day One of their 21-day deadline, Synecticsworld organized and led a Customer Exploratory session in Boston, Massachusetts with consumers to get their feedback on the existing products and gather observations, learnings and insights. The session was broadcast via a satellite link to York, England, where Synecticsworld had gathered two Nestlé teams, one from Research and Development (R&D) and the other a multi-national team of marketing experts.

Day Two found Synecticsworld running a creative development session with the R&D and marketing teams to develop the observations from the previous day and turn the insights into product ideas.

On Day Three the two teams worked on modifying and developing the product ideas and making final selections, which were then transformed into physical products at Nestlé’s kitchen-lab on Day Four and Five. At the same time, Nestlé worked on concept board development.

By Day Six the process was so successful that it was time to take the next big step that involved whisking the products across the Atlantic to the US where Synecticsworld organized another Customer Exploratory session to further modify the two products.


After two more customer sessions and meetings to line up all decision points and ensure that the gate-keepers were fully briefed, Coffee Crisp, with its new spelling, and Lion bar were launched in North America – on schedule, on message, and to instant success.

Coffee Crisp was so popular that the limited rollout of the chocolate bar was expanded when customers across the US began to petition Nestlé, begging it to market Coffee Crisp in their regions as well. Impressed by their product’s success, Nestlé eventually offered first an orange flavored, then raspberry flavored, then maple version of the chocolate sensation.

Instant success in three weeks thanks to Synecticsworld.

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