When Nestlé decided to develop a new chocolate bar that would compete against Hershey’s Kisses, rather than choose the conventional product development path, they took a bold step and turned to Synecticsworld, a company they knew would reframe the task creatively.


Although Nestlé was reluctant at first, Synecticsworld convinced the world’s leading nutrition, health, and wellness company to allow it to assemble a team of experts that included a:

  • Pulitzer Prize winner from Los Angeles
  • Calvin Klein package designer
  • Aroma specialist from Aveda
  • Sexologist

The purpose of bringing such a diverse group of experts together was to foster creativity and unlock hidden truths and wisdoms by having the team study chocolate’s form, perception, taste, aroma, consistency and psychological triggers.


Nestlé shelved the product idea that the team had previously developed and instead took the insights and ideas generated from the session and launched a completely different product. An unusual outcome? Not really. The predicable outcome of Synecticsworld-led innovation session is a surprising idea.

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