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Leo Boudreau


By Leo Boudreau


I have recently read some very interesting articles about the intersection of creativity/innovation and the healthcare industry that I thought would be of interest to many of you.


The first article is from the New York Times describes an emerging new firm in the healthcare field – Oscar. Strictly competing in the NY market right now, Oscar comes at the market from a very different perspective from the traditional insurers and has attracted considerable interest from investors. It has to be considered a possible source of disruption to the marketplace, beyond the borders of New York. Follow this link for the full story.


Health Apps

The second article I am recommending is the emerging sector of health apps. The Fitbit will soon seem quite primitive when compared to some of the innovations coming down the line. IBM has just announced a joint venture with Apple and J&J to develop a series of apps and record keeping devices that will push the boundaries further. Insurance companies and employers may have an interest in requiring individuals to utilize certain apps to track high risk individuals, certain to increase concerns related to privacy. The technical issues seem to be the simplest to resolve, the societal issues may present the biggest challenges to us. Read the article here.


Feedback for Better Innovation

My final recommendation is not specifically about creativity, innovation or healthcare. But I thought it was a great piece about the importance of soliciting feedback and how to use feedback to really improve yourself as a manager. No successful innovation effort can be undertaken without a personal growth mindset and to achieve that you have to be open to feedback. So for people charged with leading innovation initiatives within their firms, this is an important ability to develop. Follow this link to read the article.


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