When Siemens’ employees complained that they had difficulties doing their job because web advertising was both distracting and time-consuming, the global giant knew that it needed to act decisively. Innovative Software developer Roland Cuny was the hero who stepped forward to create a software program that would simplify navigation on the web, not only for Siemens employees but for all users.


Synecticsworld conducted a two-day training workshop and a two-day invention session for 20 Siemens staff in preparation for the next phase, which would cover several major topic areas. Said Mr. Cuny of the process, “Synecticsworld told us that crazy ideas are the ones that generate the most revenue. That’s absolutely true.”


Less than a year after the last workshop, Mr. Cuny’s team launched Webwasher, an innovative internet filtering software program that was accepted with huge enthusiasm by the global internet community. Now used by more than 3 million web surfers, PC World, North America’s most widely-read computer business magazine reported on the success of the Synecticsworld-led development effort.

Backed by venture capital from Siemens, Mr. Cuny and his Webwasher team founded an independent company to market the ground-breaking software. Today, companies and individuals continue to use Webwasher to save bandwidth by blocking non-relevant content that would otherwise clog company networks and distract employees.

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