Britain’s National Farmers Union (NFU) asked Synecticsworld to help increase revenue for home-grown producers.

The National Farmers Union champions British farming and provides professional representation and services to its farmer and grower members. Now more than 100 years old, one of its main objectives is to introduce and promote local food sourcing.


To meet the challenge of improving sales for British produce, Synecticsworld invited a group of farmers and consumers to a farm for a two-day workshop, then took the group on a tour of supermarkets. After studying supermarket-buying patterns, merchandizing best practices, traffic flow and the myriad of other factors that affect shoppers’ food choices, the central message that emerged from the group was that British-grown foods needed an identifier. That led the group to sit down again and create not only a basic brand proposition and architecture but eight other concepts, including PR initiatives and electronic commerce propositions.

By the end of the workshop the group of farmers and consumers had agreed to a firm path of action, which was further strengthened days later at a NFU conference attended by major retailers and Britain’s agriculture minister.


The new brand that was born at the Synecticsworld-led workshop was launched the next summer with the full backing of the NFU, the British government, and major retailers.

A year later, farm revenue had reversed its four-year slide, rising 15%. The following year revenue rose a further 14%, totaling a hefty 31% increase in the two years following the introduction of the brand.

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