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Kyle Hermans

Kyle Hermans is the Senior Director of Innovation Capacity at Gap Inc. Global, and former head of Synecticsworld’s West Coast division.

In this instructional video, Kyle Hermans walks through the Code Cracking™ Method for discovering consumer insights, by creating context and cracking the code to turn ideas into action.

“Code Cracking™ will probably be one of the best things I ever learn as a consumer marketer”  –  Coke Marketing Director

Find the underlying motivations and drivers of consumers and customers.

The Synecticsworld Insight Process – a highly refined and interactive process based on theories co-developed at Yale University – is designed to create breakthrough insights and platforms of context as a launch-pad for targeted invention and idea generation.  This process finds the underlying motivations and drivers of consumers and customers.

In the Synectics Code Cracking™ Method we

  • Listen in new ways.
  • Understand the role of cognitive filters in processing new information.
  • Use metaphorical thinking to get beneath the surface with consumers.
  • Harvest information, existing and new, relevant and seemingly irrelevant.

We use a variety of tools such as Seeing with New Eyes™ and Code Cracking™ to uncover often hidden needs, wants, and beliefs to develop insights.

Synectics Innovation model, Synetics scrum, invention, brainstorming, new product development, leadership, change, agileSeeing with New Eyes™ is designed for those who wish to build skills for more effectively discovering consumer or customer needs, especially those unarticulated wants and needs that can truly drive innovation.



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