• How do you develop a more innovation-supportive climate in your organization?
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The good news is that climate can be improved and developed through specific techniques and approaches. There are a number of concepts and behaviors that can be taught and practiced that improve climate. Some of the learning and practice principles include:

  • Active open mindedness
  • Ambidextrous thinking
  • Understanding the difference between our intentions and their effects.
  • Innovation vs. operational modes and when to use each for optimum effect
  • Creating positive interactions through crediting and building ideas
  • Effective and supportive techniques for improving and evaluating new ideas
  • New ways to build engagement and buy-in for new ideas

Synecticsworld has through action research spanning more than a half-century, studied and codified what contributes to successful organizational and team climates. We have open registration and custom courses which help individuals and teams learn new ways of working together for success. Please contact us at info@synecticsworld.com for more information.

How do you diagnose climate? Synector Connie Williams discusses the interaction between climate and culture

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