HSBC had 68 million incentives to fix the problem. That’s how many Americans trust HSBC with their money and financial well-being.

HSBC has always prided itself on its rich heritage and bold thinking. So when the company one day realized that their Electronic Services (ES) department was falling behind the innovation curve, HSBC turned to Synecticsworld.


After studying the ES department in order to identify what was helping and what was hindering innovation, Synecticsworld established sessions to train the ES leadership team. The sessions focused on helping the ES team deepen their understanding of the process of innovation and their role in establishing and maintaining a climate where creativity and innovation could thrive.

Next came the all-important vision, which was developed by the ES leadership team and then shared with all 120 members of the department at a large workshop-style conference facilitated by Synecticsworld. During the conference, Synecticsworld innovation tools and techniques were used to create a tactical program of new ideas to fulfill the vision. A core team of middle managers, each graduates of Innovation Teamwork training, co-facilitated group idea sessions to help everyone think outside their usual boundaries and contribute innovative ideas for bringing their vision to life.

As well as taking away achievable action plans, the managers learned new empowering skills and evolved a ‘can-do’ approach to work that helped renew their natural abilities.


As a result of the Synecticsworld-led sessions, the entire Electronic Services team developed an energized and open-minded cultural style that has enabled them to not only incorporate the Synecticsworld innovation tools and techniques into their work but into their lives as well.

Today HSBC’s Electronic Services department thrives in a working atmosphere of consistent innovation, which is good for HSBC and even better for those 68 million customers.

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