Building Innovation Capabilities

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The most valuable resource any company has is its human capital

Synecticsworld® offers a series of courses based on the Synectics® system and designed to build high performing individuals, teams, and organizations by fully leveraging their capacity to collaborate, creatively problem-solve, and innovate. 

Courses include collaborative teamwork, breakthrough thinking, meeting facilitation and innovation leadership and coaching.  View our training schedule and download Registration Form here.

We also work with your top management to custom develop programs for rapidly boosting the creativity of employees at all levels, from the leadership team down to the factory floor or call center.

Synectics, Synetics, Syneticsworld, Bill Gordon, Innovation, Innovative teams, collaboration, creative problem solving, innovation consulting

William J. J. Gordon, Synectics 1961



“Ultimate solutions to problems are rational; the process of finding them is not” William J.J. Gordon, Synectics, The Development of Creative Capacity.





Business Process Innovation

Synecticsworld’s Business Process Innovation approach is built on core Synectics and innovation principles which turn the traditional methods for finding efficiencies upside down – both in terms of approach and effectiveness. Envisioning, collaboration and creative problem solving are hallmarks of BPI. We equip your team with these skills so they will have the confidence to take on the truly important opportunities that will make the difference. And because we facilitate your team to create these solutions together, their ideas gain the momentum and escape velocity required to launch your organization forward in a truly meaningful way.

Leadership Coaching and Private Consulting

Executives learn to apply resources, skills, and workplace values to manage the right work at the right level. Private consulting and executive coaching involves helping others to create clear images of their goals and to create plans for how to measure their progress and achieve those goals. Coaching also generates an environment for self-management by placing ownership of work where it belongs. Clients work with the basic premise of Synecticsworld Executive Coaching: Skillful interpersonal field management yields successful work outcomes. This model is further based on a learning/change cycle of: awareness-understanding-visualization-experimentation-internalization-behavioral change. Applying a series of “live-abouts” to actual situations from their work, clients engage in a variety of activities to practice and experiment with the critical elements of becoming leader-coaches.

Corporate Meetings

We arrange, design and facilitate large interactive meetings around themes that engage and make impact. We have worked on cruise ships with hundreds of suppliers, in exotic venues around the world with hundreds of investors, and in a big top tents at a resort with hundreds of customers, to name just a few. Our clients take away actionable intelligence from these electronically enabled interactive meetings, and they leave behind exciting experiences that stick in the memories of participants.

Organizational Development

A systemic innovation model developed by Synecticsworld research and successfully used by a broad range of companies worldwide, ENABLE stands for Envision, Notify, Assess, Build, Learn and Enact. The outcome of an ENABLE campaign is a systemically creative and innovative organization with high energy and equally high accountability.

Technology Transfer

Crossing new technologies with emerging market and customer trends to build both near-term and longer term products and services.

Creativity & Innovation Index

A statistically valid diagnostic instrument and tracking tool designed to show a company’s capability for generating and sustaining systemic creativity and innovation. It is for companies that are serious about being among the world’s most creative organizations. The Index measures your firm‘s capabilities across a series of factors that characterize a systemically creative and innovative company, incorporating organizational, individual and project data. The Index is determined by a diagnostic questionnaire. We offer it to you in association with our research colleague, Dr. Lynn Foster-Johnson at Dartmouth Tuck, and our statisticians, TNS Global in Toronto, who help make its use easy, effortless and enjoyable.

Innovative Culture

Synecticsworld used its research and 50 years of innovation experience to create a holistic systemic creativity model. The framework starts with a vision and understanding of current capabilities and includes the integration of innovation initiatives, developing capabilities and systemic guidance on best practices, knowledge management, rewards and recognition, etc.