The Plant Engineering section at Bruce Power, which operates a nuclear generating station in Canada, wanted to combine three competing sections into one. Although Engineering had a clear vision of what it wanted to achieve, it needed help defining the functions that three sections System, Components and FLEET needed to perform in order for Engineering to achieve its vision.

To complicate the task, Engineering wanted to ensure that the unification not only created an atmosphere of mutual respect in the newly amalgamated department, but that everyone shared a common vision.

The Engineers, who are used to scientific-based thinking, knew that the conventional approach would not produce the innovative and sustainable results that they wanted, so instead they chose a more heroic path, one that led them to Synecticsworld.


The three-day, Synecticsworld-led session, held at an offsite location, challenged the team to:

  • Contribute to the existing vision.
  • Articulate the mission of the newly-minted section.
  • Use Synecticsworld methods to delve into the implications of the new organizational structure procedures and culture.

On Day One, the team focused on the mission and vision by using Synecticsworld techniques to unleash a current of thoughts and ideas, all contributed anonymously.

Day Two helped key cultural values rise to the surface while solidifying what the group felt were the core values. Obstacles identified were paired with corresponding solutions.

The third and final day was used to commemorate the group’s hard work and celebrate their success. Synecticsworld brought in a graphic designer to work with the group in designing a logo for the new department, a logo that would incorporate key elements of the mission, vision, and values that the group had established.

Throughout the three days, the Synecticsworld techniques created a non-threatening environment, which enabled the group’s head to establish leadership and helped the group collaborate, bond and develop a mutual respect for their different capabilities.


The workshop was a success, not only helping to define roles and solidify a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve, but also the innovative logo-creation exercise provided the group with a tangible symbol of their hard work.

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