The word delicatessen comes from a Latin word meaning delightful and pleasing, but there was nothing delightful or pleasing about what the customers were saying about World Class Deli. Instead, Synecticsworld found that many customers felt that “If you have to take a number, (then) I feel like I am at a vehicle registration.” Which led to questions and comments like:

  • What are they hiding behind that counter?
  • If they don’t trust me, why should I trust them?
  • They go out of their way to make this (i.e. shopping) unpleasant!
  • They don’t care about me!
  • And when referring to the massive, yet typical, deli store counter, “Why is there this wall between the customer and the clerk?”


World Class Deli heard their customers’ comments and recognized that the bond between deli staff and customer was critical to relieve any doubts or misconceptions about overall deli conditions and the trustworthiness of the staff. So the deli took the courageous step of asking Synecticsworld to ‘connect’ with the deli’s customers, hoping that their comments would provide the real insight that would lead to the innovative solutions World Class Deli knew it could expect from Synecticsworld.


The Synecticsworld-led sessions revealed two powerful insights:

  • The customers wanted to be invited into the deli, as if it is someone’s home, as a personal assurance that their needs and expectations are being met and that the deli has nothing to hide.
  • Customers’ perceive the deli as a restricted, almost “out of bounds” area of the store and therefore question cleanliness, quality and ultimately, safety.

The innovative, yet practical solutions that sprang from the Synecticsworld-led sessions helped the deli back on a successful path.

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