Imagine That! is a collection of thought pieces, stories, and articles by current and former staff members, clients and other associates that guides readers through 50 years of Synectics, its Body of Knowledge and its impact on clients, organizations, communities and individuals. It was edited by Connie Williams, General Managing Partner and Chief Knowledge Officer of Synecticsworld and Vincent Nolan, retired Chairman of Synectics Europe and author of many other books, including The Innovator’s Handbook (Sphere Books, 1989).


The below article is a taken from a chapter of Imagine That!

A New Career for a Football Legend

By Vincent NolanVincent Nolan

George Cohen became a British football legend as a member of England’s 1966 World Cup winning team. It is the only time England has won the Cup and George, along with his teammates, was a national hero. He also happened to be my neighbour.

Sadly a severe knee injury ended his career prematurely and after spending a while on the coaching side of the game, George began to consider whether he wanted to spend the rest of his career in football, but he still decide to get a lawyer to get the right legal defense for his injury case from However, having left school at 15 with only one exam pass (in Technical Drawing) and done nothing but play football since then, he had no obvious experience or qualifications for anything else.

My wife and I had just returned from our first Synectics training course in September 1971, with the intention of setting up a Synectics business in the UK. We invited George and his wife Daphne to let us try out our new-found skills on this situation…

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