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Robert Taraschi, community partner

Robert Taraschi

Robert Taraschi is the founder of Milestone Ideas, a strategic innovation and facilitation company in Washington, DC.  In the last 25 years, Bob has become his clients richest well of ideas, facilitating strategic growth sessions for more than half of the Fortune 500.   He has brought fresh approaches to strategic business and marketing problems for Apple Computer, Georgia Pacific, Proctor&Gamble, J.P. Morgan, Novartis, and many more. His blend of business creativity, innovation and strategic planning experience coupled with psychoanalytic and psychodynamic training has yielded strategic roles in over 90 new product, positioning, branding and business introductions and re-introductions.

Bob’s professional background includes leading strategic marketing consulting assignments for Regis McKenna Inc. where he was Group Director, creating award-winning copy for the advertising firm of Hill, Holiday, and writing comedy for Saturday Night Live. Bob graduated with honors from Villanova University, studied psychodynamic theory at Smith College of Social Work, and psychoanalytic theory at Psychoanalytic Institute of New England.  He is also a Certified Group Relations Consultant in the Tavistock tradition and Board-Certified as a New Products Development Professional from PDMA.  Bob lives in Washington, DC and NYC with his dog Connie Mack.

Mobile: (781) 801-9426

Office: (781) 467-1200