Nicky Bittendbinder – Synectics®edge

innovative ideas, art of problem solvingYou could say that I am a lover of all things creative. You can attribute my theatre background for that; or maybe it was my experience as a ranch hand in Canada (don’t ask). For me, my favourite part of a project is the initial design phase, where I have an opportunity to really offer some unique, often bizarre ideas. My role gives me the flexibility to be a part of the innovation experience from quite a different angle, and gives me the freedom to create an environment which ensures that the clients have the most comfortable and enduring innovation experience possible. I’d say that’s pretty special.

I am in love with:
Traveling the world and experiencing all it has to offer, especially the food.

Talk to me about:
The importance of climate in meetings
Why catalysts are so important to creating new ideas
Why innovation means play

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