Jessica Chung – Synectics®edge

innovate, innovative solutions, art of problem solvingWhat I always say that I love most about what I do is that I get to help companies to realise the potential of people power. Through our work, I see every day how a company can take one small courageous step, and create waves of change like they have never experienced before. I have seen how it is never too late to find a new solution to an age old problem; or how powerful new perspectives can be to challenge and discussion. This is where I work best: to engage people to work in collaboration and take charge of creating their own futures, whether it be creating new technical solutions on safety projects, or imagining a new customer experience.

I am in love with:
Collecting vinyl records and my favourite city in the world, Tokyo.

Talk to me about:
Creating results through innovation – creative delivery on company strategy
The safety message and innovation
Building innovation capability by creating powerful teams

Office: +61 7 3046 7728