Alessia Berti – Community Partner

A curious mind with a Master’s Degree in Art History and a specialization in HR Management, Alessia is a Community Partner with Synecticsworld, Inc. where she is a creative problem-solving facilitator and trainer as well as a virtual session producer.

Passionate about personal development and career coaching, she also works internationally as a coach, trainer, facilitator and HR consultant.

In 2012 she entered the world of Creative Thinking and Innovation by volunteering for — and in 2019 becoming a board member of — CREA Conference, the main European annual event on Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving. Besides her work with Synecticsworld, she is also a FourSight certified facilitator, the Italian Ambassador for World Creativity and Innovation Week, and one of the leaders of Imagine Corps, a summer program in collaborative problem-solving for youth.

Previously, Alessia specialized in Human Resource management and talent development. She was an HR Business Partner for the Italian branch of a Swiss manufacturing company and worked in London as HR Manager in the fashion industry for Guess, Inc. While there, she also trained as Organizational Coach at the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD).

Personally, Alessia is an ikigai “purpose” seeker — for herself and others — and creativity is her primary energy resource. She believes in the power of applied imagination to create positive change and make the world a better place. She nourishes her own body and mind by practicing yoga and meditation, and exploring the world through travel, dance, and an open spirit.