Since being founded by Thomas Wall in 1913, Walls has always been an innovative company that possessed the ability to adapt quickly though two world wars, the Great Depression, and changing consumers’ tastes. But soon after the company decided on a radical make-over that re-positioned their line of ice cream products from its traditional persona to something cool and trendy, Walls realised that it needed Synecticsworld’s help to complete the transformation.


Synecticsworld worked with a Walls team to:

  • Get the group behind the re-positioning at the internal launch
  • Resolve the cultural issues within the team to maximize their performance

The Synecticsworld-led team organized a kick-off event that presented the revamped brand in a huge disco-themed venue, followed by a family-style barbeque.

The next day, a Synecticsworld-led group of 90 people strove to:

  • Define what they liked about the re-positioning
  • Identify the major barriers and issues that needed to be resolved in order to make the re-positioning successful
  • Resolve those barriers and issues

The session served to both inspire the group and generate a high commitment to action. Immediately following, Synecticsworld began working with a group of 170 people whose assigned task was to shift the prevailing company mindset from ‘Play not to lose’ to ‘Playing to win’.


Using Synecticsworld methods, the group achieved a courageous shift in values and behavior and identified what they needed to do in order to meet profit targets though focused action planning.

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