When global giant Unilever wanted to unlock their consumer’s deepest desires and, at the same time, implement a company-wide creativity and innovation culture, Unilever asked for Synecticsworld’s help.


Cognizant that consumers tend to reveal only what they think an interviewer wants to hear, Synecticsworld designed a sustainable Creative Culture Program to unlock the honest desires of consumers.

Still operating to great success at Unilever Research Laboratories and Innovation Centers worldwide, the Creative Culture Program is a series of three day-long, creative technique workshops, built around working creatively with consumers. Each workshop is preceded by a Creative Teamwork session, where participants not only learn basic Synecticsworld’s skills and tools but gain valuable insights that help them work creatively in a team environment. The workshops focus on:

  • Consumer Interaction Skills: where participants learn how to uncover and understand the psyche of consumers at a deeper level and generate ideas with them on a one-to-one basis.
  • Facilitating Consumer Creativity: showing participants how to plan, design, and facilitate creative sessions for consumers and managers.
  • Consumer Interaction Skills: enabling participants to uncover and understand the psyche of their consumers at a deeper level and on a one-to-one basis, so as to uncover their deeply held beliefs, desires and needs; also to creatively develop and refine current product and marketing ideas with them.
  • Innovation Master Class: strengthens senior managers’ own creativity skills while enabling the managers to develop new techniques for supporting innovation and teamwork among the people reporting to them.

Unilever’s Jane Turner remarked at the end of the project, “The results of the program have been very noticeable. I find Synecticsworld really effective in the area of culture change, and building skills to connect better with our consumers.”

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