Seeing with New Eyes™ / Immersion & Insight Training (SWNE)

Seeing with New Eyes innovation training is designed for those who wish to build skills for more effectively discovering consumer or customer needs, especially those unarticulated wants and needs that can truly drive innovation.

This 2-day program covers topics of strong interest to Marketers and R&D professionals.

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  • Find the underlying motivations and drivers of consumers and customers
  • Listen in new ways
  • Understand the role of cognitive filters in processing new information
  • Use metaphorical thinking with consumers to get beneath the surface
  • Harvest information, existing and new, relevant and seemingly irrelevant, in your insight discovery process
  • Leverage new insight to capitalize on growth opportunities
  • The program includes a live consumer/customer immersion experience so that participants will get hands-on learning with the tools and techniques they need to make the training actionable in their organizations

This course is available throughout the year for dedicated client delivery and, occasionally, on an open-course basis.

We can custom-design all of our Creativity Programs, Innovation Training, and Leadership courses for your company for delivery in person or virtually online.

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