Deliberate Synergy for Action & Accountability

Manage and maximize synergy in your team!

Deliberate Synergy for Action and Accountability introduces tools and techniques to help leaders and their teams strengthen relationships and work together to execute new ideas and strategies in more effective and purposefully collaborative ways.

Learn to:

  • Deepen motivation and empowerment through powerful tools for appreciation and recognition;
  • Resolve inevitable conflicts with self-awareness, mutual awareness, bridging intentions, and positive action;
  • Improve trust, delegation, decision-making, and action-taking within and across teams;
  • Increase clarity and accountability with tools for negotiating meaningful commitments;
  • Strengthen strategy, creating alignment, and building team member relationships by harnessing the power of diverse perspectives;
  • The program includes work on participant issues and situations for hands-on learning with the tools and techniques they need to make the training actionable in their organizations and in life.

While not required, for those who have taken other Synectics courses previously, this course provides the next level-up in managing and nourishing a collaborative climate within yourself, with others, and with teams.

Course Flow (12 hours Online Live over 4 days):

Part 1:  Journey to We

  • Day 1  Deliberate Synergy Foundations
    • Module 1 – Elements of Interaction & Field Theory (Climate – Field – Energy)
    • Module 2 – Power of Appreciation
  • Day 2 – Growth through Disruption
    • Module 3 – Self Awareness
    • Module 4 – Mutual Awareness & Challenge Solving

Part 2:  Beyond Micro-management

  • Day 3 – Action & Accountability for Shared Success
    • Module 5 – Trust & Empowerment for Decisions & Actions
    • Module 6 – The Language of Commitment
  • Day4 – The Team Inside
    • Module 7 – Embracing The Team Inside
    • Module 8 – Leading/Facilitating the Team Inside

Upcoming dates:

Part 1: May 20 & 28 (Modules 1-4, 3.5 hrs Online Live each day Zoom)

Mid-Summer Check-In – To be determined

Part 2: Sept 9 & 16 (Modules 5-8, 3.5 hours Online Live each day Zoom)

We also deliver this program and other custom-design Synecticsworld programs for your organization at your location or virtually online.

If interested in signing up or learning more please send an email to