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Kyle Hermans Synecticsworld

Kyle Hermans is a Principal for Synecticsworld and runs the West Coast division of the global innovation and creativity firm, who celebrate 50 years in delivering and facilitating organizations and their leaders to breakthrough creativity and innovation. Kyle is deeply committed to change the way people interact & inspire the way they relate to their world by releasing and enriching their creativity for both rising leaders and their organizations. A sought after facilitator and speaker, he has collectively worked with, trained and facilitated more then 50+ fortune brands in over 12 countries across a broad range of industries.

Synectics® tools and techniques are designed to push the climate toward collaboration.  Setting ground rules which call for positive behaviors  and minimize negative behaviors and  have a major effect on the group’s results.

Synectics Innovation model, Synetics, Innovation Consulting, Innovation, Synectics, Synetics scrum, invention, brainstorming, new product development, leadership, change, agileInnovative people, teams, and organizations thrive on strong collaboration, creative thinking, and an actionable process.

Download the overview of the Synectics® Innovation Model, a road map for successful innovation teams.

Click on the image to the right to download your guide  into how to:

  • Shift into an innovation mode of thinking, interacting, and developing ideas.
  • Seek out and select high potential ideas.
  • Develop breakthrough ideas that your competitors are ignoring.

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