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Imagine That! is a collection of thought pieces, stories, and articles by current and former staff members, clients and other associates that guides readers through 50 years of Synectics, its Body of Knowledge and its impact on clients, organizations, communities and individuals. It was edited by Connie Williams, General Managing Partner and Chief Knowledge Officer of Synecticsworld and Vincent Nolan, retired Chairman of Synectics Europe and author of many other books, including The Innovator’s Handbook (Sphere Books, 1989).



Connie Williams, CMO & General Partner Synecticsworld

Connie Williams, CMO & General Partner Synecticsworld

The application of Synectics techniques to marketing opportunities is at the heart of Synectics work over its history. Whether it was working with consumer packaged goods with some of the most recognizable names such as Colgate, Unilever, Kimberly Clark, Gillette or Coca Cola, or business to business situations, the skills, approaches and models have been applied extensively to marketing opportunities over the years.

The development of the next generation of the Body of Knowledge around consumer and customer insight has propelled this even farther ahead, with the development of Synectics proprietary iPower5™ Insight Model. Although many companies and researchers talk about the value of insight, Synectics pioneered the creation of a replicable process that can be taught with powerful insights created by and with client teams. Insight is defined as real motivation – what the consumer or customer wants or needs or believes that can be capitalized on for growth, not just good information or data. It is no longer the province of agencies, researchers, outside consultants or a magical process that waits in a dark room for the light bulb to come on.

The creation of this insight model is consistent with our heritage and continuing legacy – making creative work operational through specific approaches, so that it can be accomplished with the application of specific thinking, climate and actions. It builds on academic theories, observation and action research to make insight something that is available and accessible with the appropriate inputs and skills. Furthermore, because it discovers unarticulated motivation, it becomes the focus for invention of all sorts of applications, from new product and service development to brand positioning, organizational change and even business process innovation….  To read the remainder of the article download the full version here


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