Sunquest,  industry leader in the design and development of diagnostic information technology solutions for laboratories and hospitals, asked Synecticsworld to help it invent an industry-standard systems installation process that improves efficiency and distinguishes their client’s experience.


Synecticsworld designed and facilitated a three-day creative problem-solving and development session with the Sunquest Implementation Business Process Innovation Team. Day One found the members of the Synecticsworld-led team beginning their work by spending part of their time in a series of creative problem-solving sessions and the balance of the day focusing on:

  • Establishing their cross-functional team
  • Creating a database validation checker
  • Automating client testing
  • Providing a standard post-mortem evaluation

On Day Two, the team worked in both breakouts and full sessions with the group prioritizing and problem-solving while using frequent excursions to keep their thinking fresh.

Day Three focused on developing and exercising attractive incentives that would motivate associates, clients, third parties, and perhaps most importantly, engage higher level administrators to help Sunquest meet its objectives. Team members next engaged in a dialogue about how to organize the work to successfully complete the implementation of the project within a set time frame.


With the focus of the Synecticsworld-led project always on the positive, the team not only generated more than two hundred innovative ideas, but the freshly empowered group also developed a sustainable focus. In the words of a Sunquest team member,

“I will take the skills I learned and apply them to other projects I have going on in my departments.”

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