Despite the company’s phenomenal business savvy, Subway chose Synecticsworld when the global success needed help finding a new way to expand into breakfast and dinner product offerings. These were areas that Subway believed held substantial opportunity and where they could build on the existing strength of their traditional lunch-time product line.


Synecticsworld worked with the Subway team to unlock hidden truths and to

  • Understand more about what consumers believed a true ‘breakfast’ meant,
  • Better understand what was missing for a ‘fast food’ breakfast,
  • Discover how Subway could make breakfast a rewarding experience.

Uusing those same skills and methods, the combined Synecticsworld/Subway team conducted ethnographic work to uncover how consumers think about dinner and sandwiches – a traditional lunchtime item.

Synecticsworld also led the Subway team through an invention program where they leveraged the newfound customer insights to create new breakfast and dinner concepts that would uniquely appeal to their customers.


Using this newfound knowledge, Subway launched new products that position their menu to be more appealing to customers who are looking for breakfast and dinner fare. The new and delicious breakfast sandwiches, and the innovative line of hot and open-face sandwiches were a resounding success. The new personal-sized pizzas were particularly well received. Says Subway franchise owner Rich Kaminsky as reported on, the quick serve restaurant industry’s premiere on-line magazine, “Subway customers come to our restaurants for delicious sandwiches they love that are made to order, and we are bringing that same great quality and choice to our fast and fresh pizza.”

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