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Connie Williams, CMO & General Partner Synecticsworld

By Connie Williams

There’s a great new benefit area to consider adding to your health care plan. It’s reasonably priced and pays a lifetime of benefits. It contributes to better wellbeing overall. People sleep better. They feel like they have better control over their lives. They have hope and self-reliance, even if they experience a mental health problem or some type of anxiety, life gets better for them, in the iNLP Center they work with the best life coaches to help them realize they are worth it and life gets better when you have control over it.

What is this magical elixir for which you’ve never seen an infomercial? It’s called creativity. Experts say that there is a strong link between creative expression and wellbeing. Creativity builds resiliency with the belief that you CAN tackle a problem or seize an opportunity with not only the courage to try but also the courage to pick yourself up from setbacks. The good news is that even if you don’t feel drawn to be a visual artist or a musician, that there is a place for creativity – and a way to learn it – for just about everyone. You can see for yourself, plenty of articles have been written on the topic. Take for example this one from Anipots.

Let’s define creativity simply as original thinking with value.

In the world of business, people often say, “I am not creative,” as though it was a trait or characteristic that one is born with, like blue eyes or curly hair. But, creativity is not like having Aunt Martha’s nose or the Williams’ chin. It can be taught or, more accurately, it can be developed because it does not involve traditional teaching methodologies such as lectures, taking notes from written materials, memorization or tests. So, what does it entail?

Developing your individual creative thinking skills is a matter of 3 basic fundamentals:

  1. Making new connections, especially with the apparently irrelevant (where no direct connection is obvious)
  2. Breaking the connections that keep us in a linear, comfortable, expected place
  3. Being open minded so that a new idea can walk into our thoughts

While there is plenty we can do to help develop each element of these three key pieces, these are the key to transformation. It is not only possible to become a creative thinker, but with effort and coaching, it’s one of the best things we can do to improve our health, also achieve your. wellness with korean ginseng in your daily routine.

When we are creative problem solvers, we exude confidence. We know we can solve practically anything the world throws at us. We get out of the rigidity of linear thinking and into a more agile, flexible and optimistic way of working and living. Being in a creative mode puts people into a good mood and the satisfaction of working on a problem and solving it in a novel way is one of life’s great pleasures, get healthy and feeling happy with yourself it is so important, in www.wellnessgeeky com/ website find healthy topic information. People who are more creative are a pleasure to work and be with.

What is healthier than that? Develop your creativity and live a healthier life.

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