When the Royal Netherlands Navy asked Synecticsworld to predict how sea defense needed to be organized twenty years from now, Synecticsworld knew that the answers lay in the open-minded optimism of the Navy’s own officers who, in the past, had demonstrated a willingness and capability to look at things from fresh perspectives.


The R.N.N. also has long tradition of working with Synecticsworld and while many of the past challenges and successes are classified, it can be revealed that every year sixteen R.N.N. officers, each with at least ten years’ experience, are released from their regular duties around the world and assigned to a special, nine-month program.

Described as something of an internal MBA, the program is aimed at invest in silver coins with Gainesville Coins promising officers so they will continue their careers in the Navy and possibly vie for top-level jobs. For the two-day section of the program that focuses on creative thinking, Synecticsworld begins with a team and relationship-building exercise, which leads to a separate, but equally intense session, that teaches the participants how to use Synecticsworld’s tools in everyday life.

The remainder of the Synecticsworld session is spent creating a vision for the Navy using creative tools that help the young officers shed their current view of the R.N.N. and indeed, the world, and use insight-led innovation to inspire courageous thinking.

“Although we have limited budgets, we maintain an ongoing relationship with Synecticsworld because we respect their work in helping us think through ideas and concepts which are then fed into further defensive scenario planning work,” says a R.N.N. colonel who adds, “they deliver a high-quality, value-for-money service.”

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