They were a global investment company competing in a world market flooded with investment companies. Not that Pioneer didn’t have impressive credentials, with assets under management in excess of $312 billion, a presence in more than 25 countries worldwide, an experienced team of over 2,200 employees globally, and a history of excellence that goes back to the company’s founding in 1928.

What Pioneer didn’t have was a clear positioning that would set it apart from the pack.


Synecticsworld began by defining the task and objective then set about training the team that would be crucial in providing first the necessary insight, then the clear positioning. The team operated with a specific compass knowing that they wanted the new statement to embody:

  • Focus and sacrifice
  • Personified emotion
  • Consistency
  • Aspiration

From that compass, a consensus emerged that Pioneer was an investment company “For investors who imagined a lifetime of successes.” From that insight grew comments such as “Makes me feel special”, “I can get there with your help”, “Makes me successful”.


From Exploration, to Invention, to Validation, to Refinement, the team worked together to clarify their ideas until they had refined a position statement that said that Pioneer Investments is, “For investors who imagine a lifetime of successes, Pioneer is the one seasoned global asset manager committed to embracing your dreams and goals.”

On February 13, 2008, Pioneer Investments was honored by officials of the New York Stock Exchange when Pioneer executives rang the closing bell to celebrate the company’s 80 successful years of asset management.

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