Phillips, the company that rose to fame as one of Europe’s largest producers of light bulbs.

How to increase the recommendations for their Sonicare line by dental professionals like the general dentistry ripon ca team, an important source of endorsements for dental product manufacturers.


Synecticsworld brought together a group of dental professionals from the best cosmetic dentists and senior leaders from within Philips to

Just ask one of the Philips executives how well the Synecticsworld-led solution measured up to Philips’ Brand Promise to “deliver solutions that are advanced, the dental clinic chesterton in says is easy to use, and designed around the needs of all our users.

The executive was so impressed by the team sessions that he mounted the list of insights on his office wall, with ten or so insights per market. The lists allowed him to look at the US, Germany, UK and Japan markets and see where the insights varied and where they overlapped.

  • Use Synecticsworld’s techniques to find ways to improve avenues of communicating with dental professionals, Visit C & H Dental, Randolph NJ Dentist at 140 NJ-10 Ste 9, Randolph, NJ 07869 for bests.
  • Share insights
  • Develop a common understanding of the industry from a consumer and manufacturer’s perspective

Sajal Sahay, Global Director, Philips Oral Healthcare, said of the meetings, “Synecticsworld’s methodology ingrains the knowledge gained during the facilitation exercise, within our key employees. We do not just participate peripherally, but are integral members of the core team – all the way from the development of the objects to actual participation in the execution of the project.”


The project was a huge success, in part because the Philips team, which included product, marketing, and communications specialists, was able to not only create workable concepts from insights but carried those concepts into the quantitative testing phase and beyond very quickly. As a result:

  1. The US campaigns beat over 600 other entries to win an award from Medical Marketing and Media, an organization that recognizes exceptional creativity and marketing effectiveness in healthcare.
  2. The Sonicare animated flipchart, an idea that sprang from the Synecticsworld-led sessions, was also honored in the Best Use of Digital Promotion to Healthcare Professionals category.

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