Marvin L. Smith – Community Partner

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Marvin L. Smith

Marvin Smith  is an independent consultant and a Synecticsworld Community Partner.  Marvin was a partner of Synecticsworld for 33 years, facilitating ideation sessions and training executives in North America, Canada, New Zealand and Brazil, where breakthrough and innovative change was the desired result.  A partial list of clients includes Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Nutricueticals, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, University of Chicago Hospitals, Liberty Mutual, IBM and Royal Bank of Canada.

Marvin designed and led high-level teams to create fresh thinking on business and organizational issues. He also specializes in imbedding skills in creative thinking, innovation and organizational change with large organizations and small to midsized key performers as well. He focuses on helping individuals and teams make breakthroughs on challenging personal and business issues and learn leadership and relationship skills that are necessary to manage high performing teams.

He is a highly interactive workshop and large meeting facilitator/leader who helps participants experience and learn about the process of innovation, creativity and change as they resolve key issues. Marvin also has success in providing breakthrough thinking on community and urban issues.

Has been successful on a variety of tough business issues and a lead a training practice where courses in Innovative Teamwork, Original Thinking, Coaching and other new management skills were at the forefront.  He also conducts large meetings, executive sessions on strategic and market planning and new product development sessions where consumer trends and emerging technologies are used.

Marvin has been a Chair with Vistage International the world’s largest CEO membership organization based on revenue. This work is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of chief executives.

Marvin is a learner and practitioner of the new management sciences such as self-organizing systems, MindFree® (Prince& Logan), Managing Emotional Fields, and Coaching for Enhanced Performance with the Newfield Network organization. He has worked with Tim Galway in a customized designed course called the ‘Inner Game of Tennis’. He has a B.A. from Virginia Union University, has completed an Advanced Organizational Development and Adult Education Program from Boston University and has completed a Managing Technology and Innovation Program at The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

He was a member of the Advisory Board of the Boston Management Consortium that supplied management skills to city managers and non-profit organizations. This program helped reduce crime and increase the safety of selected neighborhoods while addressing community initiatives. He is currently working with a number of non-profit boards on strategic issues.

Mobile: (508) 272-3585

Office: (508) 230-9020