John Philipp – Community Partner

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John Philipp

John Philipp is an independent consultant and a Synecticsworld Community Partner. With 35 years of creative and strategic planning work, John has been serving clients in financial services, packaged goods, high technology, banking and entertainment industries.

John was a senior partner at Synecticsworld for 25 years and considered by many a “dean” of various principles and practices developed there. John has worked on complex strategic planning problems in a variety of industries. He has also assisted clients in exploiting opportunities in new product innovation, cultural change and organizational development in many Fortune 500 companies. John earned his B.A. at Harvard University and was an MBA degree candidate at NYU. Currently John also writes a weekly humor column for the Marinscope newspaper group and has won a number of humor and memoir writing awards.

Mobile: (707) 815-9145

Office: (415) 332-6013