Glen Barber – Community Partner

Innovative solutions, art of problem solvingI have been thrilled to work with the team on finding new ways to create the link between innovation and the challenge of implementation. So often have I seen many a great, much needed idea fail to go anywhere. My passion has been to build on my experience in marketing and stakeholder engagement to work with clients to create solid engagement strategies for their innovations. What should we communicate, how much, and how should we do it? How do I get people in my business to help me? Why should they help me? These are the questions that clients often ask me. A strong engagement strategy can help to create a micro-climate within your business that will be ready to support the ideas and accelerate delivery.

I am passionate about:
Adventure seeking with my two young kids at the family farm.

Talk to me about:
The missing link: engagement and communications strategies, and why they’re important to creating an innovative culture
Innovation strategy in government organizations
Creating self-sufficient innovation communities within your organization

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