Cristóbal Perán – Community Partner


Innovative solutions, innovateCristóbal is Managing consultant at the Synectics offices in Spain.  He has lead innovation and R&D project for 10 years now, specializing on Building Inventive organizations, innovative problem solving, and developing and launching new products and services.

Cristóbal has been part of several innovation organizations dedicated to innovation and creativity at the Altran Group in both Belgium and Spain, where he has had several roles and positions. He personally started the Systematic innovation services in Spain and he has been part of over 50 innovation project (processes, services and products), and inventive problem solving in the past 6 years.

He has helped as Coach and as trainer to acquire innovation capabilities and to develop new concepts for processes, products and services, in companies like Ericsson, Cirsa, Roche, Public Administrations, Repsol, Vodafone, Telefónica, Philips or Bosch, amongst many others. He has participate as trainer and speaker on many courses and seminars to companies and institutions in Spain, France, Belgium Germany and the U.S. He has been ETRIA (European association of TRIZ) representative in Spain, and speaker for the Altshuller Institute in the U.S.

Cristóbal has worked in many sectors in design, engineering and consultancy. He started his career as an engineer in Philips, he was production engineer at Barco Avionics, System engineer at Verhaert, (where he lead electronic system design and development for several payload for the ISS), Infotainment system engineer and innovation responsible for train systems at the Eurocommuter project for Bombardier.

Cris is a passionated musician and tries to combine his very busy professional life with rehearsals and occasional gigs with his band The SushiKeller.

Mobile: +3491609917924