Candis S. Cook – Community Parnter

Innovative solutions, innovative ideas, art of problem solvingSince retiring in 2006, Candis continues her relationship with Synecticsworld. She identifies, sources, and recruits experts and guest catalysts to participate in private discussion/discovery groups with Synecticsworld’s clients. Candis has thirteen years experience at Synecticsworld, Inc. in strategy work, group facilitation techniques, consumer research, new product invention, business process innovation, and developing and providing creativity training programs and innovation coaching. Before Synecticsworld, Candis experienced a rich range of sales and marketing during 19 years in the information technology industry – sales, sales management, channel strategy, PC product management, corporate positioning and strategy, and technology planning. Candis has guest-lectured at the Harvard Business School on the group creative process. She was a member of a Harvard Business School research team studying factors that influence team effectiveness and creativity. [August 2002 Harvard Business Review, “Creativity under the Gun”] Candis graduated from Cabrini College (Radnor, PA) Summa Cum Laude, with the Psychology Department Award for Excellence. She and her husband, Ken, live on a lake in central Massachusetts in a home they designed. Candis enjoys cooking, playing golf and gardening (with these hobbies, wondering why she lives in Massachusetts). Their two daughters live in Scottsdale, AZ and Miamisburg, OH.

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