When Nestlé came to Synecticsworld they had one request.

“Create a plan that will enable us to be the best food and beverage company in Oceania.”

Building an innovation culture within any company requires expertise and effort. Building an innovation culture within Nestlé’s massive Oceania subsidiary required that same expertise and effort times ten.


Synecticsworld immediately began plotting the strategy that would enable Nestlé to achieve that goal. Focusing initially on developing a resourceful, innovative, collaborative, and practical culture, Synecticsworld held two separate training sessions at which more than 50 participants developed both their innovation and team-building skills in a collaborative environment.

The sessions were successful in four separate areas:

  • Enhanced creativity and innovative problem-solving ability
  • Increased commitment to new ideas and ways of working
  • Demonstrated the power of positive interaction and collaborative team work
  • Generated a sustainable climate for innovation


Building on the Synecticsworld-led training, Nestlé Oceania not only reached its stated goal but the company built on that success with initiatives such as their commitment to provide ‘local products for local needs’ and their innovative Nestlé Oceania Environmental Policy which set a standard for the industry.

Speaking at the 140th Annual General Meeting of Nestlé S.A., Chairman and CEO Peter Brabeck spoke of the importance of innovation when he said,

“It takes outstanding commitment and creativity to win the confidence of consumers, to listen to them, understand them, provide the products they want, ensure consistently high quality and freshness, and constantly surprise and please them with ongoing innovation. The members of our workforce, at every level and in every country in which we operate, are the ones who have delivered this performance, and I am sure I speak on your behalf when I express my heartfelt thanks to all of them.”

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