But when Nestlé, who had merged with Maggi in 1947, decided to develop a new frozen food product under the Maggi name, it turned to Synecticsworld.

Understanding that Nestlé wanted a range of innovative frozen food products that met the needs of the consumer while providing sufficient volume to ensure the factory’s profitability, Synecticsworld initiated an insight-based new product development project. The session brought together the Maggi brand and product teams, factory teams, and consumers to first explore the frozen food market, looking at subjects as divergent as: History, Purpose, Functionality, Development and Direction.


The Synecticsworld-led session generated a wealth of valuable insights, most often from the consumers themselves. Building on the truths and wisdom that flowed from the meeting, Maggi was able to develop a new product that was launched soon after and was well received by the marketplace.

Today Maggi offers a range of frozen foods; from their Mediterranean style Beef Lasagna in Australia to delicious Chicken Barbeque or Chicken Oriental Hot Pockets available in Germany and France.

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