The task that Nestlé gave Synecticsworld was short but challenging: re-invent an already successful product.

It seemed that Kit Kat, the chocolate delight made of creme-filled wafer layers covered in smooth milk chocolate, needed the bold renovation that only Synecticsworld could provide.


After defining the project, Synecticsworld went right into the knowledge harvesting phase, drawing on experts as well as its own community of creative catalysts to unlock hidden truths.

The insight workshop, which followed next, generated a wealth of questions and the genesis of a new vision, which proclaimed:

“People need breaks to recharge their minds and bodies, yet many people feel guilty about taking breaks. Kit Kat inspires people to take a break by championing the benefits of the break. It’s also an inspiring component of the break itself. No break is complete without a Kit Kat.”

Having that draft allowed the Synecticsworld’s community to examine a wide range of divergent issues and generated three key insights:

  • People need to be shown that it is OK to take breaks.
  • Everyone needs time every day to free their mind in order to make life more fulfilling.
  • People need help balancing their lives.

Those insights led to an even more focused, and instructive vision.

  • Ensure that Kit Kat is relevant for every break occasion.
  • Show everybody how Kit Kat enhances the positive benefits of the break.
  • Ensure that Kit Kat is always available at the snap of a finger.
  • Deliver the best quality Kit Kat at the optimum cost.


As a result of the powerful ideas that the Synecticsworld team generated, Nestlé was able to re-invent the brand, thus ensuring its continued popularity. Now sold in more than 70 countries, Kit Kat is one of the world’s best selling confectionery brands. So much so that every second, 418 people, somewhere in the world, take a pleasure break by biting into a Kit Kat bar.

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