Aero bar consumers loved the taste, the texture, the aroma of the smooth milk chocolate bar once it entered their mouth, but Aero just wasn’t entering their thoughts at the candy counter and, as a consequence, sales were flat.

Nestlé, taking the tried and true road, developed an “All bubble and no squeak!” marketing campaign. Although it raised the product’s brand profile, it unfortunately led to no increase in sales. Nestlé realized that it clearly needed to make a bold move, which is when it turned to Synecticsworld.


Over a period of three months Synecticsworld employed its insight and invention process to target the Aero bar’s unique product texture benefits with the goal of repositioning the once popular chocolate bar. The Synecticsworld community of creative catalysts went directly to the consumers, helping to unlock hidden truths and wisdoms about the chocolate eating experience in general and Aero specifically.

The common theme that emerged from the Synecticsworld-led investigation was bubbles. Consumers felt that it was the tiny air pockets trapped in the milk chocolate bar that differentiated their beloved Aero bars from the competitor’s light chocolate products.

In the hopes of building on that insight, Synecticsworld asked customers to comment about the chocolate eating experience in general.

“Indulgence!” said one of the participants.

It was the synergy created by the two insights, ‘bubbles’ and ‘indulgence’, which led to the wistful yet powerful question “Have you felt the bubbles melt?”


Nestlé took that breakthrough phrase, along with the ideas and innovation that Synecticsworld helped to generate and thoroughly rejuvenated its Aero brand. Today, the best selling original Aero, which consists of creamy milk chocolate throughout, has been joined by Mint-flavored Aero bars, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, and delicious Crispy Aero bars.

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