Molson enlisted Synecticsworld to help it identify and understand the correct positioning for its new Molson|M beer, brewed with a novel micro-carbonation technology unique to Molson.

“To stay at the top of our game, we have to be innovative in how we build brands. We have to constantly challenge ourselves to secure our future as a top-tier global brewer,” said Ian Freedman, Molson Coors’ Senior Vice-President & General Manager for Quebec.

Molson Coors, Canada’s oldest brewery and holder of a solid 41% market share of Canadian beer sales, knew that the demographics for this new product would be different than for their other brews, but not in what way or why.


It was those questions that led Molson to ask Synecticsworld to act as a catalyst to help the brewer’s team identify Molson|M’s core consumer and isolate the emotional kernel anchored within his psyche.

Molson had found great success in the past with their own discovery process, but this time they took the courageous step of turning to Synecticsworld and three of our expert catalysts, a psychologist, a social network manager, and a college don.

Using proven techniques, the Synecticsworld team was able to gather new knowledge not only about what drives the core consumer but also how he thinks and feels, enabling Molson’s Project 222 Team to develop a canvas of values, beliefs, motivators, interests and characteristics to crystallize their understanding of Molson|M’s core consumer.


Using an inspired mix of TV, social media and billboards, Molson first rolled out Molson|M in Eastern Canada, where beer drinkers take their brew seriously. And while the rest of Canada will have to wait a little longer, there is no doubt that Molson|M will enjoy an equally successful cross-Canada launch, thanks to Synecticsworld, the three Experts, and a beer company that knows that psychology is as important an ingredient in a great beer as the hops.

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